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Healing Medicinal Leeches in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Leech therapy is an alternative form of medicine that has been around for centuries and offers proven medical benefits.

Hirudo Therapy is a professional clinic where an experienced staff administers leech treatment in a clean and comfortable environment.

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Who We Are

At Hirudo Therapy in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we have been practicing leech therapy using medicinal leeches for more than 15 years. Our modern form of Hirudo therapy differs from ancient methods of leech therapy because we do not use wild leeches. Rather, we use leeches grown at special bio-factories where they are in severe quarantine.

There are roughly 600 species of leeches that have been identified to date, but only three are used in medicine. To further ensure the safety and sterility of our treatments, we use each leech only once, which prevents any chance of infecting a patient.

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